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Below is a list of events that occured on August 15:
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Rosa 'Amber Flush'

Rosa, known also as the roses, is a genus of perennial flowers, shrubs, or vines in the Rosaceae family. The genus contains over 100 species that come in several colors. These plants form a group of shrubs, with stems that have sharp prickles. Most are native to Asia, but some are found in other continents such as Europe, North America, and Africa. Cultivars and hybrids are often created due to the beauty of the flowers.

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Carica papaya

Carica papaya (papaya, papaw, pawpaw) is a species of flowering plant in the Caricaceae family, as the sole member of the Carica genus. It is endemic to the tropics of the Americas, and was first cultivated in Mexico several centuries before the Mesoamerican classic cultures emerged.

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One of the rare albino giant sequoias.

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Micrasterias radiata

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